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Best Ecommerce Sites in the Philippines

The best ecommerce sites in the Philippines are expected to grow more in the future. Based on Statista, there is a rise of internet users in the Philippines to 73 million people as of 2020, accounting to more than half of the coutry’s population. Meanwhile, according to a survey featured in ‘Digital in 2020’ report by HootSuite and We Are Social, around 55 million people are purchasing goods via ecommerce sites – more than 20 million increase from 2017.

Best Ecommerce Sites in the Philippines

1. Lazada
Lazada, the best ecommerce sites in the Philippines
Source: Lazada‘s website

Lazada is the leading online shopping platform in the country with around 25 million website visits per month.

Lazada is an online store and marketplace for wholesalers and retailers to sell their own products. Started as a retail e-commerce company in 2011, Alibaba, a chinese e-commerce giant, acquired in 2016 a controlling stake in Lazada, reshaped their business model and turned it into a marketplace platform where merchants can sell their products directly to the customers.

Any BIR and non-BIR registered (managed by cooperative) Philippine based business entities are eligible to sell on Lazada Philippines. There are no maintenance or listing fees, just standard commissions and payment service fee.

2. Shopee
Shopee, one of the best ecommerce sites in the Philippines
Source: Shopee’s website

One of the strong players in the Philippine ecommerce industry with around 14 million website visits per month is Shopee Philippines. Shopee is a leading platform in Southeast Asia. It was launched in Philippines last 2015.

Other best ecommerce sites in the Philippines

Carousell (formerly OLX)
Source: Carousell website

Headquarted in Singapore, Carousell, formerly OLX, is a smartphone and web-based consumer to consumer and business to consumer marketplace for buying and selling new and secondhand goods. It has an estimated 900 million visits per month.

Source: Ebay website

Ebay, one of the leaders of e-commerce from the US, caters to all general product categories from baby items to electronics and many more. You can find almost anything from Ebay as it expanded its business from consumer to consumer to business to consumer.

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